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When the scheduler indicates that the 'Load' operation is complete, the .isi file will appear in the data manager, preceded by a database icon. The converter graph and directory reader produces a sample graph based on filetypes supported by the Sci2 Tool and a sample tree based on any directory structure on the hard drive, respectively. Data Preparation

titleExtended Version

The screen shots in the rest of the section are from the extended version of the Sci2 Tool. To extend Sci2 see 3.2 Additional Plugins.

After loading a file, use options in the 'Data Preparation' menu to clean the data and create networks or tables which can be used in the preprocessing, analysis, and visualization steps. The options in the top of the menu are for any table-based datasets (like csv files) and are used to extract networks. The 'Data Preparation > Database' menu is specifically for ISI or NSF data previously loaded into a database.  Find detailed information on each menu item in section 3.1 Sci2 Algorithms and Tools.