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This algorithm was specifically implemented to allow the user to authenticate with Facebook. This will simplify the process of executing the other Facebook algorithms.

Pros & Cons
  1. The user will need to accept permissions on Facebook (like you would with any other Facebook app). 
  2. Facebook tokens expire within two hours of creation. This shouldn't deter users though, as the algorithm shouldn't need to be run more than once on occasion. 
Implementation Details

The algorithm queries Facebook's API asking for all of the output data in the other two plugins. This lets Facebook know what level of permission to ask for from the user. If the user accepts the request, a token from is generated. This token is appended into the query for the other Facebook plugins.

 Usage Hints

Here is a 7 steps guide for using the plugin:

  1. Make sure you are connected to the internet.
  2. Select File > Facebook > Access Token from the menu bar. A window will pop up alongside a webpage. 
  3. The pop up window asks you to copy the code from the webpage and paste it in the text field. You may be asked to give permission to the plugin. Review the terms and accept if you wish.
  4. The Data Manager should show a FacebookAccessToken file. Use this token with either of the other Facebook plugins.
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