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This algorithm analyzes your Facebook profile and gives you information about your connections and some basic information about them. The plugin also gives you the option of creating a mutual friendship network from your list of connections and your shared connections. 

Pros & Cons
  1. This plugin provides an extremely-to-use interface to analyze and prepare your Facebook network in order to visualize it.
  2. As with many other plugins, your results depend heavily on how structured your data is. In this particular instance, you will most likely deal with very incomplete data, as it all depends on how much information your friends have provided. 

This plugin could be used for a social study of your own personal connections list. This data could be visualized by shared friends, shared events, proximity of connected friends, birthday clustering, and more. 

Implementation Details

The algorithm asks your Facebook account to verify permissions to access your data and your friends. It uses these permissions to gather your name, user ID, latest update, gender, current location, hometown, birth date, interests, religion, political views, relationship status, and attended events. It also allows you to produce a list of every connection between you and your friends, or your friends and both of your mutual friends. The plugin is included with the Sci2 application. It can be found under File > Facebook > ... along with the rest of the data generators. 

Usage Hints

Here is a 7 steps guide for using the plugin:

  1. Make sure you are connected to the internet.
  2. Select File > Facebook > Access Token from the menu bar. A window will pop up alongside a webpage. 
  3. The pop up window asks you to copy the code from the webpage and paste it in the text field. You may be asked to give permission to the plugin. Review the terms and accept if you wish.
  4. The Data Manager should show a FacebookAccessToken file. With this file selected, go to File > Facebook > Facebook Friends Data or Mutual Friends 
  5. The algorithm will run for a few moments before producing the results in the Data Manager. Verify and save the results, and you are done.

Each user or connection will be added one by one. The algorithm terminates when the query has exhausted.

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