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Color states of the US or countries of the world in proportion to numeric data.

  • Choose to linearly, logarithmically, or exponentially scale each individual dimension of numeric data.
  • Map legends for each dimension of annotation show how the extrema of the data are represented as colors or circle sizes.

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Implementation Details

Expects a table with:

  • A text attribute that describes that datum's region name (for example, "India" or "Indiana").
  • A numeric attribute that will determine that region's color.
Usage Hints
  • Not suitable if your data that contain small countries. For example, Singapore is too small a geographic region to be visible on the map when the region is colored. We recommend the user select the circle Geomap if data on smaller geographic regions is important to analysis.
  • Requires that each country be identified using its name from the list Country names recognized by Geo Maps.
  • Requires that each U.S. state be identified using its name from the list U.S. state names recognized by Geo Maps.
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