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  • NetSci 2012

Thank you for registering for our [[VENUE]] satellite workshop NWB/Sci 2 : A Tool for Science of Science Research and Practice .


The workshop is to be held [[DATE]] from [[TIME]] at [[PLACE WITH MAP LINKS]].  A short break [[WITH FOOD?]] will be held around [[TIME]].


This workshop is a hands-on tutorial in the analysis and visualization of scholarly data and networks using Sci 2 .  All participants should bring a laptop, netbook, or similar !


Time permitting, a bit of preparation on your part now will help us get a quick start next week.  On the machine you will be bringing , please:

      Install ( or   update ) Java to version 6 or higher.

      Register an account at the official   Sci 2 website , then download and unzip Sci 2 .

      Try opening the PostScript file [1] [2] attached to this message.

      If you see a PDF image of a several colorful circles, you’re all set!

      If not, install the free PostScript applications Ghostscript ( Windows   direct   link ) and GSview ( Windows   direct   link ) and try again.

      PostScript software is needed for viewing the vector graphic visualizations produced using Sci 2 !


If you encounter any problems with the above preparations please feel free to email [[PRESENTER(S)]] for assistance, or simply wait for in-person assistance at the tutorial.  We will make sure everyone is set up and ready to go before getting started on [[DAY]].


Thank you very much for your interest.  We look forward to meeting you soon!



Cyberinfrastructure   for   Network   Science   Center

Indiana University Bloomington


[2] jrbibers: should be a renamed copy of as obtained from