You can develop a plugin for CIShell without having to check out the entire CIShell source by using Eclipse, a p2 repository, and a target platform definition.

Video Overview

For quick reference, please view this video overview of creating a basic CIShell/Sci2 plugin development environment: 

CIShell Environment Setup


Make sure you have read and followed CIShell guide to Setting Up the Development Environment.

Developing a Plugin

If this is your first time developing a CIShell plugin, you can get started by following the Hello World Tutorial.

Warning: Plugins will only be updated if their version numbers change. When commiting changes, it is very important to also update the version number in the manifest.mf and the pom.xml files.

Debug Tips

Currently, Eclipse debugging is not working for CIShell development. We are working on it. To be able to debug, you will need to make friend to OSGI console. See Accessing the OSGi Console

Adding the Plugin to the Build System

Adding your plugin to CIShell's build requires that you both add a pom.xml file for Maven and add the plugin to a feature being built into CIShell. The directions given here should provide enough information to include the plugin into the build. Note that you don't need to checkout the entire workspace, just the parent above where you'd like to put your plugin. Once you have that, add your plugin to the pom and desired feature and it can be added without checking out the entire tool.

Possible Problems/Troubleshooting

Very Large .bundle_core Folder
Forgetting Version Number Updates
Out of Date Plugins