This algorithm merges all people in an NSF database who have the same name (absent case and punctuation).

Menu path

Data Preparation > Database > NSF > Merge Identical NSF People

Implementation Details

The merging is performed as indicated in Merge Entities. The algorithm merges on the FORMATTED_FULL_NAME in the PERSON (NSF) table, which is the fully formatted form of a person's name (last name, first initial and maybe middle initial). To identify identical entities, this algorithm compares all the "normalized" values from the FORMATTED_FULL_NAME. In this case, "normalized" means that the value has been converted to lower case and all characters that are not a decimal, letter, or a single space are removed. If the "normalized" values are the same, the people being compared are assumed to be identical. There is some limited 'sanity checking' that looks to see if the people being merged were authors on the same award with the assumption that this case should not occur. If it finds such a merge group, it will warn the user on the console with the ORIGINAL_INPUT_NAME, primary key, AWARD_NUMBER, and primary key but will continue with the merge.

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