The Cyberinfrastructure for Network Science Center is pleased to announce the release of the Sci2 (Science of Science) Tool v0.5 alpha, which contains much of the functionality of the Network Workbench tool as well as a variety of new general purpose and scientometrics-focused algorithms. Sci2 is still undergoing significant changes, but already has many new features that are worth exploring. Please visit the new Sci2 homepage to download and learn more about Sci2 .

Sci2 is well documented with over 12 tutorials prepared for NIH in Summer 2010 and an online user manual with more than 100 pages of content, including sample Sci2 workflows and documentation for every algorithm in Sci2. New features in Sci2 so far include web-based Yahoo! and desktop Geocoders, two different ways to overlaying geographic information on U.S. and World Maps, customizable stop word lists, and an algorithm for combining two networks into one. We are also developing a new scalable database-oriented scientometrics pipeline capable of producing many new types of networks and tables based on ISI, NSF, and now generic CSV data. This new pipeline can be downloaded as a supplemental preview package from the download section of the Sci2 site, and will be available by default in Sci2 for future releases. We have also fixed many bugs from Network Workbench and previous Sci2 versions. See below for a full list of changes since Sci2 v0.3.

Network Workbench and Sci2 are both based on the CIShell framework, which makes it easy to add new algorithms to each tool. See our recent video featured in the Communications of the ACM or the CIShell wiki for more information.

Tool Change Log

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