Newer setup documentation is available. Please refer to Eclipse development setup for CIShell and Sci2

This document is in the process of being deprecated. Updated documentation on the same topic may be found here: Eclipse development setup for CIShell and Sci2


CIShell GitHub

Maven Integration for Eclipse (a.k.a. m2eclipse or m2e)

Installing the required software

Checking out the CIShell code from the repo

Find the project called "parent".

To build the entire CIShell project:
Locating and launching the finished build:
Things that confuse Eclipse



Prefer re-use of existing, externally-hosted library bundles over the current practice of creating thin CIShell wrappers around locally-hosted jars.


Jenkins jobs for builds of CIShell etc.

Command-line instructions for building CIShell and Sci2

How to publish features and bundles to a p2 repository

Eclipse has a built-in application for this that you can invoke at the command line. SRC should be a directory with subdirectories named plugins and features. You can use scripts similar to the following.