The Sci2 Tool is a stand-alone desktop application that installs and runs on all common operating systems. It requires Java SE 5 (version 1.5.0) or later to be pre-installed on your local machine.
You can check the version of your Java installation by running the command line:


If it is not already installed on your computer, download and install the latest version of Java from .
To download the Sci2 Tool, find the download link at and select your operating system from the pull down menu.

Figure 2.1: Downloading the Sci2 Tool

Save the zip file in a new empty yoursci2directory and extract all files. After the files have been extracted, double click the S2 icon (sci2.exe) in yoursci2directory directory to run the program.

Figure 2.2: Click the 'sci2' icon to run the Sci2 Tool

To uninstall the Sci2 Tool, simply delete yoursci2directory. This will delete all sub-directories as well, so make sure to backup all files you want to save.